Defining ECM

The term Enterprise Content Management (ECM) aka Intelligent Information Management concentrates all strategies, systems and tools used to organize the content of an organization and manage it throughout its lifecycle.

Confusion around Enterprise Content Management often occurs due to the broadness of technical and business terms it is associated with, such as Electronic Document Management (EDM), Business Process Management, Records Management, Collaboration Tools, Digital Archiving and more.

According to the industry experts in the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), ECM combines a set of components that help enterprises capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver structured and undstrured information.

Skymark Technologies provides information management solutions that cover the full spectrum of Enterprise Content Management using Papyros ECM by Modus.

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      ECM Components


    ECM solutions aim to capture all types of enterprise content, from all points of origin, classify and convert it to useful information.


    Following the capture of information.a set of applications and features are then used to archive, organize and make it accessible to employees across the organization.


    Enterprise Content is encrypted and stored in a central repository infrastructure preferably held at the operating system level to ensure data protection, access speed and interoperability.



    Content preservation is planned according to legal risks, infrastructure capacity, government and industry regulations for long-term and disaster-proof storage of records, as well as for scheduled retention and disposition when it is appropriate.


    Finally ECM distributes information to users and third-party applications supporting key organizational processes and ensuring speed, effectiveness and mobility.


    The Enterprise Content Management platform for a Paperless Office

    Streamline your processes with Papyros ECM and apply the principles of the Paperless office in each aspect of your business.