ECM Applications

Accounts Receivable

Capture, recognize and automatically archive customer invoices. Manage, Product delivery and collection, Access all order related documents from your ERP and CRM Applications. Manage and Track of business processes related to receivables and reduce operating costs from day one.


Accounts Payable

Capture Incoming Invoices, Match invoices to Purchase Orders Speed up Dispute Resolutions with BPM and collaboration tools. Flow invoices and related documents for review and payment approvals and eliminate manual data entry with smart data capturing tools and ERP integration.


Contract Management

Automate Contract Request, Drafting and Negotiation with BPM and Collaboration tools. Speed up contract processes with drafting templates, pdf annotations and electronic signatures. Track Contract Record Lifecycle with Renewal and Expiration Notifications disposition schedules and more.


Vendor Management

Collect and Organize and Review Vendor Files. Automate complex purchasing processes provide ERP with all related documents. Exchange onboarding information, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Claims via Papyros Publish Portal and automatically notify procurement status.


HR Management

Keep all sensitive Human Resources content in a secure, centralized repository, fully integrated with HR, ERP and other line of business applications. Automate HR related processes such as recruiting, onboarding, handling HR queries, applications and create self-service portals and knowledge bases to relieve HR staff from the excessive workload. All in line with european and international standards and regulations (ISO, GDPR etc.)


Claims Processing

Eliminate paper claims and create faster, error free and audit-proof claim management processes. Improve customer and broker services by allowing direct collaboration and file-sharing. Track performance, eliminate bottlenecks in the approval process improve financial forecasting.


Legal Case Management

Create interconnected digital libraries with articles, reports and textbooks. Use powerful intelligent search tools and provide instant access to stakeholders from Desktop, Web and Mobile.Track a detailed history of cases and processes, and automate time-consuming paper related manual tasks and more.


Compliance Management

Manage Compliance and Policy Documents, revisions and Approvals. Ensure ISO processes with BPM, detailed audit trails and controlled access to sensitive information. Instantly distribute policy updates, provide easy tools to auditors, automate record cycles with predefined retention and disposition tools.


Project Management

Design e-forms and workflows to track various and complicated cases leveraging sophisticated multilevel staff hierarchies, task management, automation and time-management reporting. Provide secure access to customized interfaces, project documents and processes to multiple contractors, manage all project related correspondence in a central repository, integrated with the company’s line-of-business applications, email-clients, Microsoft Project and more.


Many more solutions

Enterprise Content Management principles apply to business activities related to documents, processes and collaboration.

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