Improving Competitiveness (Awakening business community)

Improving Competitiveness (Awakening business community)

Kouzos Antony
November 23, 2017 2 min read

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(An article about the awakening of the business and political community)

An issue that should concern most of us.

Greece is experiencing, one of its most difficult moments, in recent history and certainly the most difficult since the fall the junta regime.

We are at the bottom of the European list in terms of competitiveness and in the last four positions in important parameters that define the standard of living and rates of development.

Most recently Greece figures forth from the top of the lowest economies just after Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia.

«Greece subsides in 86th place among 138 countries, compared to 81st in the previous evaluation. The political instability, taxation, and bureaucracy affect the competitiveness, according to the World Economic Forum «.

We continue to focus our efforts on restructuring a huge debt created in the last few years and are interested in improving competitiveness in a globalized world environment, which inevitably defines the framework of our possibilities.

This should be the first and most important goal and motivation for both the public and private sector. Unfortunately, the concept of increased competitiveness is misunderstood.

Improving competitiveness is not just the reduction of human resources in the public or private companies, but it implies increased efficiency, cost savings in media and materials, improved processes within companies that reduce and even eliminate, errors, reduce time gaps and finally achieve the best operational control of the business units.

Let us emphasize that improving competitiveness cannot replace the importance of the strategy of a company, but can help to strengthen a comparative advantage in a fierce global competitive environment.

Many investments are made in the field of business organization both for the introduction of methods and means of automation, such as the implementation of quality control applications and compliance with international standards and the renewal of computer equipment. All such investments aim to improve efficiency covering much of the operating procedures of the business to such an extent that we should not even imagine a company operating without the above mentioned instruments and methods.

The improvements that can be achieved are directly in proportion to the complexity of the processes and operational workflows which usually involve the participation, of many persons serving different levels and functions, such as executive, corporate, strategic, control, auditing, management etc.

The proper management, the flow and the easy access to information as well as proper control of the operational processes in a business may have unlimited room for great improvements.

The technology which complements the existing technology environment and makes better use of any existing infrastructure, while achieving the maximum benefit, has the name, ECM (Enterprise Content Management) technology.

By adopting horizontally ECM technology, in almost any industry sector, and for numerous departments within a company, one has the capability to raise the competitiveness in minimal time and minor cost, compared to other investments incurred for IT infrastructure and organizational tools.

The promotion of this technology can bring immediate results at exceptionally ‘High Return on Investment’ (ROI)   both in the public and private sector.

The awakening of the business community about the possibilities of Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) can enhance the country’s competitiveness.

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