Papyros Contract Management Solutions reduce operating costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Business Case for Contract Management

For most enterprises contract management remains complex, laborious and inefficient as it depends on document-driven processes that require collaboration from multiple parties for review, revisions and signatures.

According to PricewaterhouseCooper, 12% of a company’s annual cost is devoted to contract management and administrative tasks.

More industry studies have shown that companies that invest in contract management solutions achieve impressive increase in productivity and savings.

Goldman Sachs reports that an automated contract management system could speed up negotiations by 50%, reduce payment errors by 75 to 90%, and cut annual costs by 20% - 50%.

Whether it’s vendor agreements, sales contracts, insurance policies or bank loans, all organizations can benefit by automating the management contracts, relevant documents and their time-consuming processes and develop effective policies and best practices.

Papyros ECM Contract Management Solution simplifies contract management, offering instant access to documents and processes helps:

  • Speed up contract drafting cycles
  • Streamline contract review and approval processes
  • Keep track and instantly resolve disputes
  • Monitor renewal and expiry dates
  • Mitigate legal risks
  • Ensure compliance and transparency in procurement processes
  • Improve financial forecasting

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    Papyros ECM for Contract Management

    Automate your Contract management processes,  leveraging  BPM and e-signatures


    New Contract Requests

    Eliminate the hassle of a New Contract collecting contract requests through custom electronic forms and flow requests and associated information through out the organization for approval.

    Contract Templates

    Speed up the contract creation process with integrated templates and automatic population of the contract' metadata from MS Word and Pdf Files

    Document Check Out & Collaboration

    Collaborate on the same contract from desktop, web and mobile devices, keep detailed auditing and routing history, contract versions and correspondence organized and secure on the cloud.

    Workflow Approval

    Route automatically contracts to appropriate employees through multiple departments for reviewing, approval and execution along with relevant documents and information.

    Electronic Signatures

    Finalize contracts with required approvals and ensure regulatory compliance with secure digital signatures.

    Contract Record Life-cycle

    Decrease time spent on record keeping and track renewal or disposition dates with automatic notifications