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Enterprise Content Management as part of the 3rd technological revolution

This article aims to emphasize the need, to investigate the benefits of Enterprise Content Management strategy for medium to large enterprises. These benefits have an immediate effect on operating costs, while, at the same time, ECM strategy helps management to build stronger awareness of many additional benefits that will be experienced, as implemented on future…
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Fundamentals for Successful Business Planning

(Effective Marketing Sales and Prospecting principles) An article for… junior Prime ministers, Junior Ministers, Startup businessmen, junior Sales Managers down to…… junior Salesmen The importance of effective marketing and sales tactics applied to promote products and services has always been a critical factor for the successful operation of financial organizations, especially under competitive environment. Some…
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Improving Competitiveness (Awakening business community)

(An article about the awakening of the business and political community) An issue that should concern most of us. Greece is experiencing, one of its most difficult moments, in recent history and certainly the most difficult since the fall the junta regime. We are at the bottom of the European list in terms of competitiveness…
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