Papyros AR Automation Solutions reduce operating costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Business Case for AR Automation

Reports by leading industry researchers such as Billentis indicate that electronic and automated invoice processes can result in savings of 60-80% compared to traditional paper-based processing.

Issuers saving potential is broken down to the digitization and automation many AR related activities such as Invoice Archiving, Remittance & Cash Management, Collection & Payment Reminders,  Invoice Printing, Envelope and Sending of Invoices.

Direct cost for outbound invoices include printing and stamp,but this represents a fraction of all directly related costs. Enterprises that can take advantage of Enterprise Content Management Solutions reach full saving potential by implementing full Digitization and automated E-Invoicing as well as Business Process Automation.

In detail, AR Automation Solutions reduce operating costs, increase productivity and improve customer service by:

  • Relieving Sales back office from excessive workload due to multiple customer inquiries and disputes.
  • Reducing needed manpower for Accounting Reconciliation.
  • Engaging with debtors.
  • Enabling full control over AR processes.
  • Reducing paper circulation with fully automated processes and automated error-free Archiving. 
  • Reducing the need for IT development and maintenance of desperate applications.
  • Automating replies to customer requests for copies of lost invoices

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    Papyros ECM for Accounts Receivable

    Streamline your Accounts Receivable processes from customer order to product delivery with Papyros ECM.



    Retrieve and Automatically Archive Documents generated from Core IT Systems and line-of-business applications such as Invoices, Picking Lists, Delivery Notes etc.

    Barcode Recognition

    Incorporate Barcodes into application generated documents before printing and automatically associate returned documents with information pulled from ERPs, WMS, and other applications.

    E-Invoicing & Customer Service

    Electronically Sign and Deliver Documents to Customers and Vendors via email, or Internet Portal, quickly resolve disputes and notify customers for upcoming shipments.

    Delivery Control

    Automatically archive scanned Proof of Delivery Documents, perform automated checks and notify staff for delays, missing receipts and other common exceptions.

    ERP and CRM Integration

    Access all related documents and correspondence from your ERP and/or CRM Screen with a simple click.

    Process management & Tracking

    Flow documents electronically and gain insight into staff workloads, open invoice distribution and payment processing with automated workflow and reporting capabilities.